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About us

We are inspired by nature and simplicity

Our mission is to provide professional design service to diverse industries and customers.
If you are interested in our design or services please contact us.

We are working on the entire product design process – from research and concept development through engineering, prototyping and manufacturing. Designworks & Research LAB is eager to collaborate with your company and help your organization grow through our excellent services that range from concept design and development, to product research and optimization. We creatr inspired designs that connect with users. We create clean, simple, customized design, which is fuctional, usable and accessible for customers.



Our work examples



We have professional knowledge & experience in design

We offer professional design services and support in
01. Interior Design

We design private and commercial interiors including stores, points of sale, fair stands and more

02. Product Design

We design all elements of brand identity like logos, logotypes, visual information systems

03. Logo & Brand Design

We design all elements of brand identity like logos, logotypes, visual information and wayfinding systems

04. Design consulting

We offer research design consulting and prepare expert opinions



Results driven design

Our design activities in 2016/2017 concerned to
Interiors 85%
Branding 90%
Product design 30%
Package design 70%
Consulting and expertise 80%


We design & support

Our design thinking looks beyond, developing ideas and concepts to transform and enhance products and interiors everyday experiences.
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Feel free to contact us

How can we help you? Call now +48506145343 or write a message below:

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